Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pita Jungle for the Pits

I'm feeling a bit depressed today but I can't pin point the cause. Complete lack of energy and motivation. Maybe it's just because it's Sunday. The one perk of my day was lunch at Pita Jungle. My all time favorite restaurant. I also realized today that they began in Phoenix. I found this strange because it is not your typical Phoenix style restaurant. Instead, it's filled with plain clothes cooks and servers, hippie style Mediterranean food and bohemian decor. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. That's probably why I love it and especially needed it on a day like this. Growing up in Portland, it feels like a piece of home in a foreign land. My pesto pizza was just what I needed. The only problem is that when I go there, I have desires to move out of this state...or even the country. To explore and begin an adventure that will lead me into an exciting unknown. Maybe that is the reason for the melancholy. Routine. So necessary, yet very mundane. I long for something random and chaotic. I've indulged myself in these desires before: Moving 3000 miles away from home. Packing up all my belongings in a car and driving to the desert. Shaving my head in the middle of my mother's kitchen. But today, the possibility of indulgence seems impossible. There is something to be said for safe. But I wonder. At what price.

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