Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Moccasins

The Anniversary Sale was good but I have to say, I've been to better sales at Nordstrom. Although there were deals, I was hoping for rakes of shoes and clothes on crazy sale. To my discovery, it was all the new season items that were for sale. I realize now, how naive of a shopper I am and how much I have to learn. Through it all, I did make one purchase. Ironically, they were not even on sale. I had been wanting a pair of moccasins for awhile, but not everywhere offers this selection. While at Nordstrom, I found a small display for Minnetonka Moccasins. At $40, they were very doable so I tried some on in different colors. I ended up taking home brown ones which I am very excited about. This is my very first moccasin purchase and I'm looking forward to experimenting with them as right now, I'm not quite sure what to wear them with.

I have to admit that the next Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I might not be so eager to make the trip. But not all is lost. Life is all about trial and error. Without this very vital aspect, we would stand still forever and die of boredom.

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